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What Do You Need To Know About Japanese Seamless Pipes?

The pipes produced by Tianchuang has reliable shipping access and reasonable price. There are some useful information about Japanese Industrial Standards pipe that you can have a look.

Basic information of JIS G3444 pipe

JIS G3444 pipe indicates welded or consistent carbon steel tubes for general auxiliary purposes. 

The specification of JIS G3444 pipe are:

  • Grade: STK290, STK400, STK490, STK500, STK540

  • Outer diameter: 33.4-660mm

  • Wall thickness: 2.1-22mm

JIS G3444 Pipe

Applicaition of JIS G3444 Pipe

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) developed by the organization apply to a wide variety of industrial services and technologies such as automobiles, metallurgy, ships and medical equipment. The JIS G3444 pipe can be applied in civil designing, engineering, steel towers, frameworks, swaggers, heaps for concealment of avalanche and different structures

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