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Ways to Improve Galvanized Steel Pipe Production Process to Save Energy and Reduce Consumption

With the increasing maturity of steel pipe hot-dip galvanizing production technology and the improvement of process standardization, enterprises with the same capacity of one million tons have become commonplace. The fierce competition in the market focuses on brand to quality, benefiting price, and finally fighting on cost. 

Looking at the actual hot-dip galvanized steel pipe production line, there are not many companies that are truly fully automated and intelligent. How to improve the steel pipe galvanizing production process to further achieve the purpose of energy saving, consumption reduction and efficiency increase?

1. Promote the development of pickling automation technology and equipment

For steel pipe galvanizing, the current process of pickling is indispensable. Therefore, it is difficult to control the operation of online employees, the working environment, and the quality of pickling. The development of a complete set of automated pickling technology and equipment is imminent. The original pickling line has the following problems:

  • Many manual operations. Workers standing by the acid tank are very dangerous. The steel pipes have a large swing in the transportation and manual liquid dispensing is not accurate.

  • Poor operating environment. The acid tank is open, with acid mist, and the operating room has high humidity.

  • Workers control the crane operation without accuracy.

  • Manual testing cannot feed back real-time data in time, affecting production.

In view of the above problems, the development can achieve cleaner production, save energy, and reduce labor intensity: 

  • The crane is accurately positioned, walks stably, and workers are far away from operation, which solves the safety and labor intensity of personnel.

  • The crane can move up and down flexibly, reducing labor.

  • Adjustable control of process time meets the quality of pickling.

  • Online real-time detection, to achieve reasonable use of acid, automatic fluid replenishment, reduce testing time and human operation errors.

  • Ladder flow acid tank layout.

  • Online temperature control system.

  • Multiple circulation water saving system.

  • Automatic acid heating system.

  • Path optimization control system.

2. Improve the Zinc pot system

As a key equipment, how to extend the service life of the zinc pot and assume its due mission has become the focus of the industry. 

(1) When the new zinc pot is installed and used, the zinc ingot is often not added first, and the furnace temperature is heated to about 600℃ for a certain period of time to eliminate the residual stress in the production. 

(2) The depth of the zinc pot is popularized, effectively increasing the heating area of the zinc pot, reducing the heating intensity of the zinc pot, lowering the temperature of the inner wall of the zinc pot, increasing the workload, making it more conducive to the sedimentation of zinc dross and improving the surface quality of the plating parts. 

(3) The heating method of the zinc ingot alleviates the sudden drop in the temperature of the zinc liquid and also prevents the danger of explosion. 

(4) The overall shape of the zinc pot is changed to increase the recovery of the residual zinc blowing liquid inside and outside. 

(5) Improve the internal and external blowing residual liquid recovery device twice.

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