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The Function and Design Conditions of W Beam Guardrail

1. Introduction of W beam guardrail

People pay more and more attention to the importance of W beam guardrail. W beam guardrail is a combined, corrugated and movable steel guardrail at the opening of the central separation belt of the highway. The guardrail is composed of two corrugated steel guardrail plates and two upright posts fixedly sandwiched between them.

2. The role of W beam guardrail

In economically developed areas, the villages and towns along the highway are relatively dense, and there are many passages crossing the main line, which means that the height of embankment should be increased and the danger of highway slope will increase. Besides the high embankment height and steep slope, the width of central partition, kerb and shoulder is also short, which requires the setting of highway metal guardrails.

W beam guardrail installation can not only prevent runaway vehicles from rushing out of roads and off-road obstacles, but also prevent other objects from rushing into lanes through the central partition to cause more traffic accidents. It can also restore the normal driving direction of vehicles, minimize the damage to passengers and induce the sight.

3. Design conditions of W beam guardrail

W beam guardrail is generally divided into flexible guardrail, semi-rigid guardrail and rigid guardrail. It has certian flexibility and can absorb collision energy and avoid collision through the deformation of the beam. In addition, it has a good line-of-sight induction function, which can be coordinated with road alignment. It can be used in small radius bends with beautiful and harmonious appearance. The damaged parts are easy to replace.

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