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The Difference between Steel-plastic Composite Pipe and Steel-lined Pipe is Here

You may not be able to distinguish steel-plastic composite pipes and plastic-lined steel pipes. They do not know their respective properties or where they are used. In fact, the difference between steel-plastic composite pipes and plastic-lined steel pipes is quite big. You can't see that the main reason is that you don't know enough about these two kinds of pipes. Today's article will introduce the two kinds of pipes separately. After you have a general understanding of them, we will introduce the difference between the steel-plastic composite pipe and the plastic-lined steel in detail.

1. The characteristics of steel-plastic composite pipe

The basic materials of the steel-plastic composite pipe are seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes, with certain strength and rigidity, which is incomparable with plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes. In addition, its inner wall is very smooth, so no scaling occurs. The phenomenon, although it is steel, the overall weight is light, the key is impact resistance, and it will not shrink and expand due to changes in the environment, so the safety will be higher.

2. Characteristics of plastic-lined steel pipe

The plastic-lined steel pipe is based on galvanized seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. It is an upgraded version of galvanized pipe. It has a wide range of applications, good corrosion resistance and long service life, but the cost is high, and the connecting parts easily cause water pollution.

3. The difference between steel-plastic composite pipe and plastic-lined steel pipe

As an improved version of drinking water pipes, the two are not much different in mechanical strength, pressure-bearing performance and service life, and the advantages are also very similar, but after all, the two are two different pipes, so please distinguish carefully. There are still.

The steel plastic composite pipe is a five-layer composite pipe. The inner layer is non-toxic and pollution-free, but the main material of the inner layer of the plastic-lined steel pipe is epoxy resin powder or PE powder, which contains harmful ingredients. Long-term water supply will directly endanger human health.

The steel-plastic composite pipe is smooth and not easy to scale. It can be used not only in cold water, but also in hot water. However, the inner wall of the plastic-lined steel pipe is uneven and not smooth, which causes the accumulation of scale volume, which breeds bacteria. When used in a hot water system, it will be heated and expanded. Its outer wall has no anti-corrosion layer, so it is more likely to rust, thus affecting the life span.

The last key point is that the price of the steel-plastic composite pipe will be slightly more affordable. Because the workmanship of the plastic-lined steel pipe is complicated and exquisite, the overall price will be higher than that of the steel-plastic composite pipe.

The difference between the steel-plastic composite pipe and the plastic-lined steel pipe is compared from the very small aspects. In fact, both are high-quality drinking water pipes with excellent overall performance. As for the last one to choose as your own water supply, you need to think about the pipes yourself. Maybe the shortcomings in the eyes of others are not that bad in your own eyes, or they have not affected your life at all, so you might as well make your own ideas.

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