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The Difference Between Galvanized Tube and Galvanized Steel Tube

I. The manufacturing process of hot dip galvanized pipe and hot dip galvanized steel pipe is different

Galvanized steel tubes and seamless steel tubes are two categories of steel tubes. Galvanized steel tubes are tubes that are galvanized on the surface, and they may be welded tubes or seamless tubes. The manufacturing technology of seamless tubes can be divided into welding and seamless technology.

II. The physical properties of hot dip galvanized pipe and hot dip galvanized steel pipe are different

The galvanized tube is more corrosion resistant, and the seamless steel tube can withstand higher pressure. Galvanized steel tube is not easy to rust due to the protection of zinc. Galvanized steel tube is lighter than seamless steel tube. If it is used for the balcony, it is best to use galvanized steel tube, because a seamless steel tube is not suitable for a balcony.

Because the wall of seamless steel pipe is thick, it is heavy naturally, and the cost of seamless steel tube is higher than that of galvanized steel tube. Galvanized steel tube is also very durable and its service life much longer than seamless steel tube's.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Line

III. The use of the hot dip galvanized pipe and hot dip galvanized steel pipe is different

Galvanized steel tubes are welded steel tubes with hot dip or electric galvanized coating on the surface. Galvanizing can increase the corrosion resistance of the steel tube and prolong its service life.

The application range of hot dip galvanized steel pipe is very wide. In addition to being used as the pipelines to transport water, gas, oil, and other fluid with generally low pressure, they are also used as oil well pipes and oil delivery pipes of the offshore oil field, tubes for oil heaters, condensing coolers, and coal distillation oil exchangers in chemical coking equipment, trestle piles, supporting frame tubes of a mining tunnel, etc.

The generally galvanized tubes are now mainly used for conveying gas and heating.

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