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The Construction Methods and Techniques of Highway Guardrail Installation

Highway guardrail installation uses driving method to set the column, which should be strictly in accordance with the position determined by the steel. Place the homemade guides first and then drive the column along the guide holes to ensure perpendicularity. The column should be driven into the soil to the design depth. When driven too deep, the column should not be partially pulled out to correct, but should be pulled out completely, and then driven in again after the foundation is compacted.

Column installation should be consistent with the design drawings and coordinate with the road alignment. The columns should be firmly embedded in the soil to the design depth and perpendicular to the pavement. If penetration is difficult, the column can be installed through drilling or excavation. When columns are installed by the borehole method, they should be backfilled with the same material as the roadbed after positioning. And filled tightly in layers to have a compactness not less than that of the adjacent in-situ soil.

When constructing by excavation and burying columns, the backfill shall be the same good material. And tamped in layers (each layer must not exceed 375px thick), the degree of compaction of the backfill should not be less than that of the adjacent in-situ soil. Pillars in the rock should be backfilled with granular material and then tamped.

The highway guardrail column can only be installed when the concrete foundation strength reaches at least 75% of the design. The column is connected to the foundation by a flange. After cleaning the bottom flange and anchor bolts, straighten the column, adjust the direction and verticality before tightening the bolts, and finally tighten the anchor bolts.

Cantilevered beams can be assembled with the columns before the columns are installed so that they can be installed together.

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