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Ten Advantages of W-Beam Guardrail

With the rapid development of social economy, people's living standards continue to improve, and the demand for high-quality materials is continuously improved. The W-beam guardrail has emerged in accordance with the trend of the times, after several years of market promotion and brand promotion. It's The quality has been recognized and loved by consumers. Its excellent features cover all traditional guardrails, attract everyone's attention, and conquer our hearts.

So what are the advantages of the W-beam guardrail?

1. The W-beam guardrail is made of Q235 steel, which is solid and durable.

2. The W-beam guardrail substrate is immersed in a hot-dip galvanizing pool, and a layer of zinc layer is adsorbed on the surface, which plays a role of electrochemical protection and prevents the steel substrate from rusting from the inside to the outside. After the polyester color powder coating, a long-lasting coating is formed. No matter what the environment, the corrugated beam steel guardrail will not rust, fade, chalk, fall off, and the color will last and be bright.

3. The W beam guardrail adopts an assembled design, which is quick and simple to install.

4. The W-beam guardrail adopts imported Akzo Nobel powder coating, which has good decoration and rich colors to meet the individual needs of different customers for products.

5. The W-beam guardrail is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and solves the problem of common products polluting buildings.

6. The W-beam guardrail has good flexibility. The rigidity and flexibility of the steel pipe make the guardrail product have better impact performance.

7. The W-beam guardrail adopts high-end electrostatic spraying technology, so that the guardrail product has good self-cleaning performance, and it can be as clean as new by rain washing and water gun spraying.

8. The W-beam guardrail uses safety screws, and the anti-theft design solves your worries.

9. The corrugated beam steel guardrail has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity and heat resistance, and is suitable for use in different regions.

10. The W-beam guardrail adopts high-quality brand products from steel, accessories to painting, which fundamentally guarantees product quality

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