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How to Use Scaffolding Steel Pipe and Fastener Together

The fastener used on the scaffolding steel pipe plays a stable role. In construction engineering, it is mostly used for fixing the scaffolding steel pipe with an outer diameter of Φ48mm. The ratio of building construction of the pipe is 1:1:8 under normal circumstances. That is to say, 8 right-angle fasteners require 1 butt fastener and 1 rotating fastener.

In order to reach an appropriate proportion, how can we make the amount of scaffolding steel pipe and fasteners? Generally speaking, one ton of scaffolding steel pipe should be equipped with 180-200 fasteners.  By the way, the proportion and amount of fasteners and steel pipes are not the same in various construction. As a professional and responsible China steel pipe manufacturer, we will be in line with the appropriate principle to carry out your construction.

Tianchuang Scaffolding Pipe For Sale

What is the Weight of Scaffolding Steel Pipe in One Meter?

The weight of the scaffolding steel pipe is mostly determined by the thickness and length of the pipe. In general, the 48mm diameter and wall thickness of 3.5 mm of scaffolding steel pipe is about 3.84kg/m. Usually, the wall thickness of rental steel pipe is less than 3.25mm, thus the customary algorithm is 263 meters per ton, that is 3.8 kg/m.  

Calculation method of scaffolding pipe:

W= 0.02466 ×S (D--S)  

W: weight per meter (kg/m), D: outer diameter (m), S: wall thickness (m).  

For example :Φ48 ×3.5 weight per meter is W = 0.02466 * 3.5 * (48-3.5) = 3.84 kg/m  

If you have any questions about the weight of scaffolding steel pipe, please do not hesitate to contact Tianchuang -- your professional pipe manufacture in China!

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