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Scaffolding Pipe

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As a reliable scaffolding pipe supplier, Tianchuang has good quality scaffolding pipe for sale to meet out our customers' needs.

Overview of Steel Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support the original structure, and it is also used as a platform for the workers to work on the construction works.

Steel scaffolding is made of steel pipe connected by steel fittings or couplers. Installation and disassembly are simple. It has better robustness, greater durability, and superior fire performance. Although it is not cheap, it provides greater safety for workers. The installation of pipeline scaffolds is quick and easy without the need for nuts or bolts.

The type of steel used in scaffolds is usually hot-rolled steel. In special cases where live overhead cables are dangerous, fibreglass tubes wound in nylon or polyester substrates may be used. Scaffolding is exposed to the outside of the building, so corrosion is a problem. Galvanizing is an anticorrosive method that is widely used.

The scaffolding pipe is the main part of the tubular scaffolding system. Hot dipped galvanized surfaces treatment provides a good appearance and sufficient durability. So in this application, it's inevitable to meet salty air or long-term weather exposure.

Specification of Tianchuang Scaffolding Pipe:

DN15-200 round pipe

Raw Material of Tianchuang Scaffolding Steel Pipe:

Q195 Q215 Q235 Q235B

Executive Standard of Tianchuang Scaffolding Pipe:

GB/T 3091-2015 "welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation" GB/T 13793-2016 "straight seam electric welded steel pipe" Q/HBTC 001-2016 "welded steel pipe"

Applications of Scaffolding Pipe:

In order to facilitate the decoration and construction of higher floors and places where direct construction is not possible, this kind of hot dip galvanized steel pipe can play different roles on construction sites and construction sites.

The galvanized scaffolding pipe can also provide a safety guarantee for construction workers and roadside pedestrians, maintenance of peripheral safety nets, and high-altitude installation construction.

Scaffolding pipe

What type of pipe is used for scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a kind of provisional structure used to provide support to the original structure. Meanwhile, steel pipe scaffolding can also act as a platform for the operators to perform the construction process. For tall and high structures, steel is a necessity as the weight of the pipe for scaffolding requires structural strength which steel can only provide. Steel scaffolding tube has better robustness, greater durability and superior fire resistance.

What steel is used for scaffolding?

Pipes for scaffolding are generally made from steel because steel pipe scaffolding has great strength and durability. The type of steel used is typically hot-rolled steel. If there is a risk from live overhead electric cables, filament-wound tubes of glass fibre in a nylon or polyester matrix can be used. What is more, steel can support heavy loads, and workers can use it to transport heavy equipment and supplies.

Various Cases: