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Highway Guardrail
The Most Widely Used Highway Metal Guardrails
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Highway Guardrail

The wave guardrail is composed of two corrugated steel guardrail plates and two vertical columns sandwiched between the two. The two-column clamps are clamped between two corrugated steel guardrail plates. The column is connected to the board in a blocking block type and a bracket type.

The corrugated beam guardrail steel is soft and phased, and the wave guardrail has a strong ability to absorb collision energy. It has a good line of sight induction function, can be coordinated with the road line shape, has a beautiful appearance, can be used on a small radius curve, and the damage is easy to replace.

The wave guardrail uses the deformation of the soil foundation, column and beam to absorb the collision energy, and forces the out-of-control vehicle to change direction and return to the normal driving direction to prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the road to protect the vehicle and passengers and reduce the losses caused by the accident.

Introduction of Highway Guardrail

The highway anti-collision metal guardrail is a typical cold-formed steel product. The specification is 4320*310*3. The steel strip automatic leveling adopted by the US R425 rolling mill introduced by the company, precision feeding and punching, 18-roller slow forming, computer cut-off. Such advanced technological conditions ensure the shape and shape of the crash barrier panel to the utmost extent. Its cross-sectional dimensions fully meet the requirements of the YB4081-92 standard.

Material: Stainless steel metal high-strength guardrail board.

Technical field: The utility model guardrail board is mainly used for the division protection of highway lanes.

Tianchuang Highway Guardrail's Applications     

Corrugated beam steel guardrails generally refer to beam guardrails. This kind of guardrail fixes the beam structure with the pillars and relies on the bending deformation and tension of the guardrail to resist the collision of the vehicle. According to different structures, beam guardrails can be divided into wave beam guardrails, pipe beam guardrails, box beam guardrails and so on. They all have a certain rigidity and toughness. The collision energy is absorbed by the deformation of the beam, the damaged parts are easily replaced, and the line of sight is induced, and the appearance is beautiful. From the perspective of domestic and foreign applications, the wave beam guardrail is the most widely used.

Highway Guardrail Equipment Technology

galvanized pipe product line

  • Guardrail forming workshop

  • Column sawing workshop

  • Guardrail galvanizing workshop

  • Automatic standard parts hot-dip galvanizing equipment

  • 130 square column forming workshop

  • 140 column forming workshop

  • Spraying workshop

  • Anti-blocking block stamping lathe group

Column / Square Column Product Display

Corrugated Steel Sheet for Corrugated Beam Guardrail

Corrugated Steel Sheet for Corrugated Beam Guardrail

  • Reinforced steel plate column

  • 130 galvanized square column

  • 130 spray square column

  • W beam galvanized guardrail

  • Thrie beam galvanized guardrail

  • Thrie beam sprayed guardrail

  • W beam sprayed guardrail