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Production and Installation Requirements Standard of Highway Guardrail Plate

1. Purchase materials in strict accordance with the requirements of the design documents. All steel plates (tubes) must have material certificates according to the requirements of the design documents and can be processed only after receiving experience;

2. The steel is cut according to the design file size, the profile is cut with gas cutting, the steel plate is cut with the orbital cutting machine, the cut steel, the part that needs to be spliced with a grinder must be cut into a weld;

3. The welding rod must be selected from the materials required by the design documents and national standards, and the thickness of the weld must meet the requirements. After the material is welded, the thickness and smoothness of the weld must be checked;

4. The welded structure is pickled and must be cleaned to ensure the thoroughness of rust removal;

5. Dip the pickled iron parts in a hot-dip galvanizing tank. The galvanizing must be uniform and the thickness of the galvanizing must be guaranteed;

6. Pack the galvanized fence materials for storage or transport to the construction site;

7. The column can only be installed when the concrete foundation strength reaches 75% or more of the design;

8. The column is connected to the foundation through a flange. After cleaning the bottom flange and anchor bolts, erect the column. Adjust the direction and verticality before screwing the bolts, and finally tighten the anchor bolts.

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