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JJS G3444 pipe for Sale

Applications of JIS G3444 Steel Pipe

JIS/G3444 Steel Pipe is widely used in different fields and structures. Generally speaking, JIS/G3444 steel pipe can be applied in civil engineering, architecture, steel towers, scaffoldings, struts, piles for suppression of landslide, and so on. For example, JIS/G3444 steel pipes are used to transport fluids and powdery solids, exchange heat energy and manufacture machine parts and containers. What's more, JIS/G3444 steel pipes can also make the structural grid, pillar, and mechanical support. In terms of the highway bridges, Using JIS G3444 steel pipes will simplify the construction and save the maintenance cost.

As a faithful and reliable China steel pipe factory, we aim at providing high-quality steel pipe such as JIS/G3444 steel pipe, ASTM A795 steel pipe and so on. If you have any questions on JIS/G3444 steel pipe, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Tianchuang JISG3444 Steel Pipe

Advantages of JIS G3444 Steel Pipe

There are various applications on JIS G3444 pipe. So why do you choose JIS G3444 steel pipe instead of other normal steel pipes? Here are some strengths of the JIS G3444 steel pipe.

Considering the high standard of JIS G3444 steel pipe, it can reduce the weight of the buildings and save 20-40% of metal. Besides, JIS G3444 steel pipe can realize factory mechanization construction in an economical way. With high quality and stable construction, JIS G3444 steel pipe greatly reduces the area of protective coating.  

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