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Installation Standard for W Beam Guardrail

Before the installation of W-beam guardrail, the construction preparation shall be made, the detailed construction scheme shall be determined, and the data of various facilities shall be accurately mastered, especially the exact location of various pipelines embedded in the subgrade. During the construction process, any damage to underground facilities is not allowed.

The control points shall be bridges, culverts, channels, three-dimensional intersection, the opening of the separation belt and the hole, and the positioning and lofting of the column shall be carried out in advance. If the roadside guardrail is not fully installed, the setting position of roadside wave guardrail shall be rechecked according to the setting principle of roadside wave guardrail given in the design and the implementation of the main project, and it shall be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.

Construction and installation tools of w beam guardrail include: pile driver, excavation tool, tamping tool, pliers, hammer and theodolite, level gauge, tape measure and other measuring tools.

Specification for W beam guardrail installation:

(1) The column installation shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the design drawings and coordinated with the road alignment.

(2) The columns shall be firmly embedded in the soil to reach the design depth and be perpendicular to the road surface.

(3) For general road sections, the column is driven into the road with accurate positioning during construction. When driving too deep, it is not allowed to pull out the part of the column for correction, it is necessary to pull out all of them, and then drive again after the foundation is compacted.

(4) When the driving method cannot be used for construction, the excavation method shall be adopted to bury the column, and the embedded guardrail column foundation shall be C25 concrete foundation. When the column is installed, the backfill shall be made of good materials and compacted layer by layer (the thickness of each layer shall not exceed 15 cm), and the compactness of the backfill shall not be less than the adjacent undisturbed soil. The column pit in the rock shall be backfilled with granular material and compacted.

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