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How to Install Highway Guardrails on Winding Roads

1. Introduction of highway guardrail

Highway guardrail is flexible. Its main function is to absorb the energy generated by collision. It also has a good visual guidance function and a beautiful appearance. It is mainly used for expressways, primary and secondary highways, provincial highways, county roads, rural roads, scenic spots, large parking lots, etc. In most cases, roads are straight. But winding roads are inevitable and it is also necessary to install highway guardrails on winding roads. Here are some methods of how to highway guardrail installation on winding roads.

2. How to install highway guardrails on winding roads

Highway guardrail for sale is generally straight plate, which is difficult to install on winding roads. But winding roads are inevitable in highway construction. If the road curvature is not very large, the adjustment plate can be used for adjustment and installation. Generally, the length of the adjusting plate is 2m, 3m or 1m.

If the curvature is large, the installation can be carried out by mechanical pressure. In this way, after one end of the highway guardrail is fixed, the corrugated beam slab is forcibly bent to the upright post by machinery, and then the other end is fixed by bolts. Some users will tell suppliers about the number of bends in advance. The supplier will customize the curved road guardrail according to the radian provided by the customer. If it is a right-angle bend, you can use two-way ends for installation, which is simple (this method is suitable for installation of highway guardrail at the opening).

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