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Gas Pipe Installation Specification

Pay attention to the safety of gas pipeline installation when decorating the kitchen. However, the installation of gas stove pipelines is particularly troublesome. Failure to pay attention will cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the gas pipeline installation specifications clearly. What are the gas pipe installation steps? These are some basic safety knowledge.

Gas pipe installation specification

1. The pressure of the gas pipeline in the user's room and the rated pressure used by the gas burner of the gas equipment should comply with the national standards.

2. The application of pipelines, pipe fittings, pipeline accessories, valves and other materials to indoor gas pipelines shall comply with the requirements of the design documents. The pre-installation inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the current national standards, and the unqualified shall not be used.

3. The upstream construction project before the indoor gas pipeline installation should be able to meet the requirements of pipeline construction and installation.

4. When installing the gas pipeline, the prefabrication and installation of the pipeline should be carried out according to the design and construction drawings.

5. Pipes, fittings and pipe accessories used for gas pipelines, when the design documents do not clearly stipulate, the pipe diameter is less than 2 or equal to 50. It is good to use galvanized steel pipe or copper pipe.

6. The copper pipe should be made of TP2 pipe.

7. During the construction of gas pipelines, avoid the welding seam of the pipe body facing the wall. The pipelines with inconspicuous weld seams should be marked in advance.

8. Copper pipes or stainless steel corrugated pipes buried in the wall should be slotted with a special excavator. The groove width should be the outer diameter of the pipe plus 20mm, and the depth should meet the requirement that the covering thickness is not less than 10mm. It is strictly prohibited to dig pipe grooves in load-bearing walls, columns and beams.

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