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Fabrication and Installation of Guard Rail Columns

The most important thing for the stable installation of railings is the installation of columns. Because the column is the main stress point of the whole railing. Only the railings and posts are fixed. The whole structure of the railing can be stable.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to fix the column of zinc steel guardrail. One is the embedded way of the column; the other is the fixed way of the four hole expansion screw of the finished welding base column. The column and the four-hole floor are welded and formed before the finished product. During installation, only the columns need to be placed on the horizontal line of the waterproof wall, and only the expansion screws can be used for fixing.

The guard rail columns are generally made of steel plate. The surface is galvanized and electrostatic sprayed. It can also be made of stainless steel. The guard rail columns surface can be brushed.


The height of the guardrail column is suitable for the height requirements of most engineering railings. Stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate are used as the main board, which reduces the cost. the guard rail columns’ appearance is generous, and the safety is guaranteed. The arc design on the top of the column immediately improves the level of the whole guardrail column, and the appearance is different from others. We can produce the height, material and surface treatment of guardrail column according to different requirements of customers, and customize according to customers' drawings.

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