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Environmental and Climatic Factors to Be Considered in the Selection of W Beam Guardrails

1. Introduction of W Beam Guardrail

The manufacturers of W beam guardrail understand that it cannot be ignored that the W beam guardrail is greatly affected by the environment and climate. W beam guardrail is a kind of guardrail, which is set for the avoidance of highway collision. It is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail. It is a continuous structure which is spliced with corrugated steel parapets and supported by main columns. W beam guardrail is mainly set to prevent runaway vehicles from rushing out of the roads. It is generally made of galvanized steel plates. Different specifications are adopted according to different highway grades.

First of all, the environment and climate of the city should be considered when choosing the materials for W beam guardrail installation. W beam guardrail is a product placed in outdoor environment, so it will be affected by the environment and climate. Therefore, the designers of W beam guardrail should consider not only the function and form of the product, but also the environment and climate.

2. Environmental and climatic factors to be considered in the selection of W beam guardrails

In terms of durability of W beam guardrail, we should choose a material suitable for the environment and climate. As one of the professional steel guardrail manufacturers, let me to tell you the main influencing factors.

(1) Air temperature, wind speed and ultraviolet intensity

The air temperature, wind speed and ultraviolet intensity are different in different cities. W beam guardrail, as a product in outdoor environment, always faces the wind and the sun in nature. For cities with high ultraviolet intensity, anti-ultraviolet coatings are necessary. Corrosion-resistant materials should be selected in cities with high humidity.

(2) The day and night environment

In addition, the environment during the day and night also has a great impact on traffic, especially in the night with the most traffic accidents. The lighting in night environment is based on artificial light, which is quite different in brightness and chromaticity compared with sunlight in the day. In this environment, the W beam guardrail cannot be quickly identified by human eyes. When designing the W beam guardrail, we should not only consider the daytime conditions, but also consider how to realize the functions that the W-beam guardrail should have in the nighttime environment.

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