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Definition and Classification of Scaffolding Pipes

Definition of Scaffolding Pipes:

A structural member used for the support of overhead laying pipeline on the ground is divided into fixed support, sliding support, guide support, rolling support, etc.

The pipe support can be used in any place where there is pipe laying, also known as pipe support, pipe part, etc. As the support structure of the pipeline, the scaffold pipeline supplier divides the pipe support into two types: fixed and movable ones according to the operation performance and layout requirements of the pipeline. The place where the fixed point is set becomes the fixed support. This kind of pipe support and the pipe bracket cannot have relative displacement. Moreover, the deformation of the fixed pipe support under force shall be smaller than the deformation value of the pipe compensator, because the pipe support should have sufficient rigidity. The movable pipe support is adopted at the place where the intermediate support is set, and the relative displacement between the pipe and the pipe support is allowed, without restricting the thermal deformation of the pipe.

Classification of Scaffolding Pipes

1. According to the load, it can be divided into three levels: extra light (Q), medium and extra heavy (Z). In each load level, there are four types of structure: axial sliding, bidirectional sliding, guide sliding and double-guide sliding.

2. According to the material of the support, it can be divided into steel structure, reinforced concrete structure, brick and wood structure.

3. According to the purpose, it can be divided into movable bracket (bracket that allows the pipe to be moved on the bracket) and fixed bracket (bracket that is used to fix the pipe). The fixed bracket is used where the axial displacement of the pipe is not allowed. The movable brackets are divided into sliding bracket, guide bracket and rolling bracket.

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