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Construction, Inspection and Precautions of Waveform Steel Beam Guardrail

Inspection of Construction of Waveform Steel Beam Guardrail Post

The post installation should be consistent with the design drawings and coordinate with the road linearity. The post should be firmly embedded in the ground, reaching the design depth and perpendicular to the shoulder. The post linearity should be straight through visual inspection.

The ramming method can be used for general road sections during construction. If ramming cannot be used, excavation method can be used to bury the steel beam guardrail post. After the post is installed, the horizontal and vertical directions should form a smooth linear shape. The guardrail transition section and end post should be installed according to the design specifications.

After the post construction is complete, the contractor's quality inspection engineer should check the construction quality level of the guardrail post according to the prescribed frequency, and the qualified report should be checked and verified by the supervisor before proceeding to the next step of construction of the steel beam guardrail.

The work of the supervisor includes: verifying and inspecting the construction quality level of the guardrail post according to the prescribed frequency. The inspection contents include: the linearity, elevation, verticality, plan positioning of the post, as well as the condition of pollution and damage to the post.

Inspection of installation of waveform steel beam guardrail

The waveform beam is connected by splicing bolts, and attention should be paid to the splicing direction during construction. The connecting bolts and splicing bolts of the waveform beam should not be tightened too early, so that the long oval holes of the waveform beam can be adjusted in time during installation to form a smooth linear shape and avoid local unevenness.

After the installation of the steel beam guardrail is completed, the contractor's quality inspection engineer should conduct self-inspection, and the qualified report should be verified by the supervisor. The work of the supervisor is to inspect the quality of the installation of the waveform beam board according to the prescribed frequency.

Quality requirements for waveform steel beam guardrail during construction

Basic Requirements

The w steel beam guardrail products should comply with the regulations of "Highway Waveform Steel Beam Guardrail" and "Highway Three Waveform Steel Beam Guardrail". The installation of guardrail columns, waveform steel, baffles and brackets shall meet the requirements of design and construction.

In order to ensure the overall strength of the guardrail, the compaction degree of the subgrade of shoulder and central separation strip shall not be less than the design value of waveform steel beam guardrail. Road sections that do not meet the compaction requirements shall not be constructed with guardrail columns.

Requirements for appearance

The weld of welded steel pipe should be flat, without slag and protrusions. The surface of the component galvanized layer should be uniform, complete and consistent in color. The surface should be practical, smooth, without drooping, dripping or excessive agglomeration. The surface of the plating parts should be free of plating leakage, iron leakage, wiping marks and other defects.

Highway guardrail of straight segment should not have obvious convex and concave, ups and downs. The curved segment guardrails should be smooth and consistent with linear coordination, and the parabolic shape of the guardrails at the opening end of the central separation belt should be consistent with the design drawing.

The waveform steel beam guardrail should be connected in the correct direction, connected smoothly, gaskets equipped, bolts tightened. The installation of barrier blocks, brackets and ends should be consistent with the design drawing, and no obvious deformation, twisting or inclination should be allowed during installation.

Issues to be noted in the construction of W steel beam guardrail

In the construction of guardrail, the data of various facilities should be accurately grasped, especially the accurate position of various pipelines buried in the roadbed, and no damage to the underground facilities is allowed in the construction process.

If the depth of underground communication pipeline, drainage pipe or culvert filling is insufficient, the position of w steel beam guardrail column or the fixation mode of column should be adjusted.

When the column is drilled too deep, the column shall not be pulled out for correction. All the other columns shall be pulled out, and the foundation shall be re-tamped before drilling or the position of column shall be adjusted. Flange plate shall be installed for bridge guardrail, and the positioning of flange plate and the control of column top surface elevation shall be noted.

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