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Can Galvanized Steel Be Welded?

Galvanizing is also called hot-dip galvanizing: it is an effective metal anticorrosion method, which can prevent rust, corrosion and reduce wear. The steel parts after rust removal are immersed in a molten zinc solution at about 500°C, so that a zinc layer is attached to the surface of the steel parts, thereby achieving the purpose of anti-corrosion. With the banning of cold galvanized steel pipes, the rapid development of hot galvanized steel pipes, and hot galvanized steel pipes are more and more.

Can galvanized steel be weled?

As long as the welding materials, welding surface, welding current, welding speed, welding method and other welding conditions are appropriate, hot galvanized steel pipes can also be welded.

Generally, the welding strength of steel will not be weakened, but as the thickness of galvanizing increases, the range of appropriate welding conditions becomes narrower, making welding difficult, so it is best to completely remove the zinc in the welded part during welding.

During the galvanized steel welding, pay attention to the following points:

1. A large amount of smoke is generated during welding, and the welding workers will have bad emotional effects when they inhale it, so they need to wear a mask or install smoke exhaust equipment.

2. After welding, the welding slag must be removed, and the peeled part of the zinc layer shall be repaired with high zinc paint or with zinc welding.

It can be seen that there are no special problems with welding. However, on-site welding is always harmful to the aesthetics, so bolted joints should be used as much as possible.

This is the content of hot galvanized steel welding precautions. Hot galvanized steel pipes are used for transportation and construction. Galvanizing is a process technology for immersing steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other metals into molten liquid metal or alloy to obtain a coating. Galvanizing is the most widely used steel surface treatment method with the best performance-to-price ratio in the world today.

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