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A Brief Introduction of Highway Guardrail

Highway guardrail is a continuous structure spliced with corrugated steel guardrail panels and supported by uprights.

Highway guardrail has different specifications, it uses the deformation of the soil foundation, pillars, and beams to absorb the collision energy, and force the out-of-control vehicles to change direction, return to the normal driving direction, prevent the vehicles from rushing out of the road, to protect the vehicles and passengers, and reduce accidents The loss caused.

Highway guardrail has a strong ability to absorb collision energy, has a good line of sight induction function, can be coordinated with the road alignment, beautiful appearance, can be used on small radius bends, easy to replace damaged.

Features: It has the advantages of good impact resistance, low cost, long life, higher safety, and environmental protection.

Material: high-quality steel plate with anti-corrosion treatment

Uses: It is mainly used for isolation protection of highway lanes. The utility model of wave guardrail is a divider in the center of the highway. The opening is made of a combined corrugated steel movable guardrail. The guardrail is composed of two corrugated steel guardrail plates and two upright posts fixedly clamped between the two. The two post-fixed clamps are installed between the two corrugated steel guardrail plates.

When the highway is in normal operation, the guardrail can be easily inserted into the pre-set insertion and extraction hole by the use of the plug column, which plays the role of isolation and protection. At the same time, it echoes with the guardrail belt on the outer side of the highway, neatly and uniformly, and beautifully matched.

When the vehicle collides with it, the highway guardrail has good crash resistance and energy absorption function, which is not easy to be destroyed, and at the same time, it can play a good role in protecting the vehicle and the crew.

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