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The company always sticks to its development principles of large scale, specialization and brand building. Now, the company products under "Tianyi" brand are extensively sold in all domestic markets in China as well as in overseas markets, such as Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, and have been highly recognized by construction units.

The company holds to its operating philosophy of "Quality, promise keeping, mutual respects and benefits" and is devoted to building a century enterprise and to promoting the advancement and development of the industry!


Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co., Ltd. was invested and founded by Xinfangsheng Holding Group, and is one of the key projects in Hebei Province.

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Company Organizations

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Our Vision: Become a leading pipe manufacturer in China. Build a leading brand for metal surface processing against corrosion.

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Production and Installation Requirements Standard of Highway Guardrail Plate

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What Should be Noted When Purchasing ERW Steel Pipe

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Ten Advantages of W-Beam Guardrail

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Quality Control Technique in Welding of ERW Pipe

The quality control of longitudinally welded pipes can be used to safely carry out production operations and is also an inevitable element to ensure the personal safety of operators. The application f...



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In 2010, Xinfangsheng Holding Group invested and established a production plant in the Southwest Industrial Zone in Hebei, for which purpose Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded and the trademark "Tianyi" was registered. The plant had a land coverage of over 500 Chinese Mu and was planned to be completed in two phases, with the first-phase project launched in the year;

In 2011,the first-phase project was completed with3 slitting lines and 6 pipe welding lines,realizing total production of welded pipes of 150 thousand tons / year. The products were mainly sold to adjacent markets including Hebei, Henan, Shandong, and Shanxi. At the same time, 2 galvanization lines were invested and launched;

In 2012, the two galvanization lines were put in production and the galvanized pipe products were marketed at a yearly production of 150 thousand tons /year. At the same time, 3 additional pipe welding lines and 2 galvanization lines were built as a measure of production expansion;

In 2013,9 pipe welding lines and 4 galvanization lines were put in production, and Tianyi brand realized an important breakthrough in Chinese markets, with yearly production of 350 thousand tons of various types of products. At the same time, some expansion plans were also made to the galvanization workshop (lines 5 and 6), and the workshop of galvanized steel pipes of complex plastic (2 lines planned in the first stage) together with a transport facility workshop were built as expansion to existing facilities.

In 2014, the galvanization lines 5 and 6, the workshop of steel pipes of complex plastic, the workshop of transport facilities (standpipes, 130 square pipes, and fence boards) are officially put in production, increasing the yearly production and sales by 400 thousand tons. The International Trade Department was established to explore international markets;

In 2015, the hardware hot dip galvanization workshop was invested and built, making Tianchuang the first Chinese company with fully automated hot dip galvanization lines. At the same time, 3 additional welding lines and 3 galvanization lines were built;

In 2016, the Gas Business Division was established, marking the official entry of gas industry. The yearly sales were 12 thousand tons in the first year.

So far, Tianchuang has risen to be a company with over 1,000 employees and a series of investments in production facilities including 12 welding lines, 9 galvanized pipe lines, and 4 hardware lines, with yearly production of 1.2 million tons. The company products are sold to all Chinese markets and also in some foreign markets, including South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa, etc.